3 Easy way to win 8 ball pool multiplayer game

DeadIslandFans.Com – 8 Ball Pool is a game of online billiards from Miniclip.com, most users of this game are also facebook users that has reached 10 million users worldwide nowadays. In addition we playing this game with the computer dekstop, 8 Ball Pool game  we can play on any other devices such as Android and iOS for free. We can also play this awesome game with our friend because this game is free online multiplayer game.

For how to play 8 ball pool is also very easy, if you want to play along with a facebook friend or friends online in 8 ball pool, make sure you’ve entered and friends were in room 8 ball pool, click Play Friend, and then write the name of your friend would you invite to play. Click on the picture of your friend and wait for your friend until she received your invitation to play together.

8 Ball Pool game use 15 balls, the balls with the numbers 1 through 15. The fifteen balls numbers are subdivided into 3 parts: Solid Balls, Stripes Balls and 8 Ball.

  • Solid ball is ball number 1 to 7
  • Stripes ball is ball number 9 s / d 15
  • 8 (Eight) Ball is a ball figure of eight

For those of you who are new to play 8 Ball Pool Facebook, way calling pocket the 8 ball pool game is to click on the hole where you will insert the ball. If you are not calling your pocket then the stick will not be able to move at all and will make you lose from not being able to do anything.

There are three fastest way to be able to beat your opponent with ease:

1. Play with honest, buying coins and cash in the shop are available. This way you will termudahkan in play because you have sufficient resources.

2. Play with using tricks, playing 8 ball pool with finding weaknesses opponent, this will be done if we know our opponents so we know the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent.

3. Play using 8 ball hack tool, certainly with playing wear additional tool like this is much easier and cheaper, because we do not need to buy any resources, but we can get it for free by using the tool. There are a lot of sites that offer this kind of tool. But of the many tools that ever author use, this tool is what successful writers use. If you want to make new experience with 8 ball pool tool.

Those are some tips and a quick overview of the 8 Ball Pool multiplayer game by Miniclip, hopefully this article can be useful for you. If you have any tips, strategy or questions do not hesitate to share and post it in the post comments.

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