My new experience playing 8 ball pool multiplayer game – I knew about 8 ball pool game about 4 months ago, beforehand I do not really like games like this. I prefer to play the kind of action and fighting games. One of my favorite games is the ant wars. You can search on the facebook search box and find this app game there. Just like most  facebook games out there, ant wars is a free game, but to be able to rapidly rising levels it is required to gain many resources. Such as 8 ball pool game, the ants wars also have a store that sells a variety of resources to raise the level quickly. The difference in ants wars to be able to purchase special equipment needed a payment tool called boya cash.


Once I knew the 8 ball pool game from my friends, somehow I became interested. My interest deepened when my friends and my girlfriend come into play as well. To remember this game can be played together and can also alone. That’s why it is called the 8 ball pool multiplayer. If you want to know more about the game can go directly to the Miniclip official website or can to the wiki site. Or just type on google search box “8 ball pool multiplayer Miniclip game”, you will find a lot information about this game there. On another occasion the author will describe how the tricks in order to win this game quickly with or without any cheats.

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